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Teacher Kodwo Baidoo (aka….Quojo Baidoo) is on the Creative Arts and Citizenship Education Team at SMDP.

As with many with an artistic bend, one can see from his pictures why he has earned the name “Fresh Man”, “Don Shaggy” and “Spearman” from various groups that he interacts with.

He describes himself as a “voracious disciplinarian, an avid reader, a counsellor by Grace”,and one who believes in turning ideas into reality. Perhaps in line of his self-description as a disciplinarian, he adds that he can be a “touch curt, in matters of services and solutions”.

Obviously tied to these descriptions is his work not only as a Creative Arts Instructor at the school, but also his involvement in the Green Saints Foundation , an environmentally conscious group at the school, and his work with the outside group,Junior Shapers Africa,where he is on the Executive Council. The JSA group specifically aims to promote “the emotional,social and spiritual development of boys in their fundamental years.”