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We are proud to introduce Mrs. Joyce Mamle Osei to our wider school community.  She is also known by some of the old students at Miss Joyce Agbloe.

She is one of our amazing teachers who have been with SMDP for so many years that she has become an integral part of the fabric of the school.

She started in 1992, and is currently teaching Grade One Oak.

In the past she taught Grade Two and Three and later became the Supervisor at the Kindergarten Department.

In addition, she has been involved in many “side projects” in the school when her creative talents have been brought to play.  Dr. Grace Laast Adofo, Mrs. Laast’s daughter who also has a “side talent” in art projects, always seeks out Mrs. Osei when visiting Ghana.  She remembers Mrs. Osei for her help in decorating the school library for the 40th Year celebrations, and setting up the guest tables with lovely Ghanaian fabrics and baskets to emphasize that African fabrics could be presented in a wonderfully appealing way.

One can often see Mrs. Osei in video presentations showing activities of SMDP Girl Guides.

Mrs. Osei’s other interests are Cooking and Gardening. She is married and has two children.Her favourite food is Banku and Okro soup  and her favourite colour is green.

Her favourite words of wisdom: Proverbs 27 v 18 (Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof, so he that waited on his master shall be honoured).