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It is so amazing that I should be honoured for following my passion--that of nurturing and assisting in the development of children. Being able to contribute in this field has given me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

I have often heard with pride and joy, messages rom alumnae of (St.Theresa’s) and St. Martin de Porres School; mostly reminiscing about some events, general character of the school, or moments with friends, classmates  and teachers that have been etched in your memories. These remembrances, I believe, will be replayed from time to time for decades to come.

Tonight, we have gathered here to celebrate the school. I am happy to be here with you. Thank you for the kindness and love that has moved you from all different places near and far, to come to be with me. Indeed, you have now made me feel even more, that each day is worth living to the fullest, because along the way the fruits of one's labor become more apparent.

This day also gives me an opportunity to tell you of a legacy project that I have been working on.

As you know the school was named after a Black saint- Saint Martin de Porres. This saint was best known for his compassion, service, and caring for the sick, poor and downtrodden of this society. His example is still my inspiration! I am thus setting up a project to reach out to the needy, less fortunate or marginalized people in our immediate community. I am thinking particularly of children of school-going age, (but) and also thinking of the abandoned and elderly.   

My vision is being driven by the passage in the Bible which says and I quote: “In as much as ye have done unto the least of my brethren, that you do unto me”- Matt: 25 34-40

The symbol of my project is the LAMP---L.A.M.P:  just like the lamp in our school crest. It is hoped that with this project,this light will lead the way to the Least Among My People (LAMP).

This action it is hoped, will demonstrate Love and Care- of the people in our community that may truly need a helping hand. I have often worried that I might not be able to realize this dream before I die; and such thoughts make me sad- but I have reminded myself that I have an army of people like you that I may truly be able to recruit to carry on from wherever I can start. I do hope that many of you will decide to join me in this effort to become a channel of grace, or the hands to reach the needy as they pray for divine help and intervention.Through the LAMP project, we, together, can remind the needy in our community that caring people still exist- and bring a smile to their faces as they look to the future.  

After all, To do the Father’s will is our desire- and as I quote from Albert Einstein: “Only a life lived for others , is a Life worthwhile”.

Thank you

God Bless.