We are proud of the various extra-curricular activities we offer.

Take a look at our list of current after school  activities! 

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  • Ballet Dance (New!)
  • Basketball
  • Boys Scouts
    • Reef Knot, Camping
  • Cadet Corps
    • Marching, Rifle Drill
  • Choir
  • Drama & Culture
    • Preparation towards Carols Night Service, Acting & Poetry Recitals
  • Girl Guides and Brownies
    • Girl Talk – Topics like Skin Bleaching, General Hygiene etc, *Cooking Without Fire*
  • Green Saints (Environment)
    • Clean-up, naming and identifying plants on the school campus
    • Understanding new technology and its benefits to the environment (Eg. the schools solar panels)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Learning through YouTube: Solar stove, Hovercrafts, etc.
  • Learning of Musical instrument (New!)
  • Readers and Debaters Club (Book Club)
    • Read various books, participate in quizzes and spelling bee competitions
  • Red Cross
    • Health Walk, safety quiz competitions
  • Science and Mathematics
    • Colour Separation, Recycling & Filtration
  • Taekwondo (Martial Arts)
    • Teaching proper technique and discipline
  • Table Tennis
    • Teaching of the right use of racket and positioning at table & other activities