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The curriculum for SMDP is based on the requirements set by the Ghana Education Services for taking the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) of the West African Examinations Council.

These subjects therefore include: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Ghanaian Languages and an assortment of supportive subjects like ICT, Religious Studies, Art, Music designed to enhance the basic education and encourage innovative thinking, problem solving and practical application of lessons learned.

Our idea is to infuse the concept of not just rote learning, but to understand the lessons well enough to demonstrate practical applications of the underlying theory. Traditionally, emphasis of applied knowledge has been seen as more of an "American" approach . Given that  from the inception of the school, there were many supporters from the North-American community linked to the Laast family, the influence has been present and remains so. SMDP school, however, is proud of its unique blend of traditional Ghanaian teaching and an adaptation of "best practices " from other cultures.

SMDP has hosted teachers from various Ghanaian universities and teacher training colleges. When ICT education first arrived in Ghanaian schools, SMDP was one of the first few sites on the forefront and was used to train teachers from all over Ghana. In addition, teachers from European and American schools have spent time at the school over the years. They learn from us, and we sometimes learn from them!

When the new library was opened in 2013, SMDP once again served as inspiration for other members of the librarian community in Ghana who came in to visit .

Pupils of St. Martin de Porres School have consistently scored on the very top level of B.E.C.E. exams, with 90% or more in the Grade One/Distinction category.